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CarbonFiber Vs. Fiberglass


Carbon fiber is lighter and stiffer than fiberglass.  The nature of a carbon fiber is very light, rigid, and strong. This is why most weight-critical performance products are being manufactured with carbon fiber.

Strength vs Rigidity

Carbon fiber is very strong and very rigid, while fiberglass is also very strong it is not as rigid.  In applications where a small amount of flexibility is desired, carbon fiber is the material of choice.  In applications where a large amount of flexibility is desired, fiberglass is probably better suited.  Fiberglass is better suited to extreme flex patterns, while carbon fiber has a relatively small flex window.


Any thermoplastic composite is tough.  The nature of using plastic makes that possible, however fiberglass is actually a tougher material than carbon fiber.  Because it has the ability to flex farther without breaking, in general it acts as a “tougher” material.  The incredible rigidity of carbon makes it less capable of enduring certain abuses than fiberglass.


Long strands of carbon fibers are very difficult and expensive to manufacture, while fiberglass processes much easier.  As a result, fiberglass is considerably less expensive than carbon fiber.