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Cutting and Bonding


Cutting any composite can be tricky.  Fiber content, chosen thermoplastic, and material thickness all play a roll in the cutting of composites.  In general, wet cutting works better than dry.  Almost anything you use to cut will become dull much faster than normal.

Things that work:

  1. Waterjet cutting
  2. High speed router
  3. High speed wet tile saw
  4. High speed band saw
  5. High speed wet band saw

Things that DON’T work:

  1. Laser cutting
  2. Slow speed machining bits
  3. Regular speed steel band saw
  4. Wood blade in any saw


Drilling of thermoplastic composites is relatively easy.  Regular drill bits work, though wear quickly.  Carbide drill bits cut better and last longer.  Excessive force during drilling will melt the thermoplastic material around the hole and leave a rough edge.


Strong bonding of thermoplastic composites is possible with readily available bonding agents.  What bonding material you use is completely determined by the thermoplastic material your composite is made from.  Some thermoplastics are easier and less expensive to bond than others, but they all have bonding solutions available.