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Products and Markets

Thermoplastic composite parts are in almost every market.  Due to the equipment requirements and labor costs associated with laying up fiber directions, uni-directional thermoplastics have primarily been used in the aerospace and military markets.  Recent automation options (such as Fiberforge’s Relay Machine) have reduced manufacturing labor, time, and costs, opening further production possibilities.  The new automated machinery and systems lends itself well to high volume production.  As a result, you can find a large variety of products spread throughout many markets.

Existing Markets

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Military
  • Sporting Goods
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Heath and Services


With the addition of automated machinery thermoplastic composite parts can now be used in high volume applications.  Cycle times can be less than one minute, depending on the part.  Custom and “one-off” parts are rarely economical due to the requirement of metal tooling and high pressure forming.