5850 E 56th Ave, Commerce City, CO 80022, USA

Oribi Manufacturing

Oribi Manufacturing’s primary goal is production of thermoplastic composites.  Our objective is to bring today’s top composite material technology to products in all markets.  Thermoplastic composites are the future material for many industries and products; as a result, we have invested heavily in production capabilities and the latest manufacturing technologies.

Layup Capabilities

  • Automated Fiberforge Relay Station
  • Automated WWM High Speed Layup
  • Hand layups (if required)

Forming Capabilities

  • Automated IR oven to Hydraulic Press forming
  • Automated Flat Panel Forming/Consolidation
  • Automated OCF Forming Station

Mold and Machining Capabilities

  • CNC Mills
  • CNC Lathes
  • Manual turning and milling operations
  • CNC programming and mold production


  • Solid Works engineers and draftsmen
  • Part and Mold design, from inception to completion


A.R Wilfley Sons
Oribi Manufacturing is proud to be partnered with the A.R. Wilfley & Sons pump company.  A.R. Wilfley has been an industrial pump manufacturer for more than 90 years in Denver, Colorado.  They are an industry leader and a respected name in processing and mining industries around the world.  A.R. Wilfley is on the cutting edge of material development and seal technologies in the pumping world.  For more information visit:  www.wilfley.com